Explanation of the Annuli Platonis

This one is from the preface of very esoteric text from alchemical tradition.

The Chain of Homer is proved thus:
After the chaos pulls asunder
A volatile spirit must forge it.

Spiritus mundi is its name.
Frost, dew, snow, rain and everything from above
Are betrothed to it in faithful company.
Here is contained the volatile seed of the world
From the upper realms, when it falls into the lower.
From that it takes on a body
When it glows visibly before our eyes.

Nitrum is known to the whole world.
Who is there to tell all his power?
It is he that can forge many a thing.
To him the lower realm is subject,
Neither can the upper dispense with him.
He must give birth to the whole of nature.
He is the father of all things,
Who can conquer the fortresses of the world.
His power has been given him by the Creator.
His realm is over heaven, earth and the sea.
Adam he is in all things,
Out of him Eve must also spring.
Then the goal will be reached,
when the whole earth becomes fertile,
When he becomes fixed and no longer flashes,
And Eve sits next to him.
Sun, moon, the sea, and the earth
Turn him to Eve through constant motion.
Through heat and cold, through constant movement of the sea, With Adam rises Eve.

Who is called common Salt and Alkali,
Who feeds the children of the whole world with her blood. For when man and woman get together,
A perfect fruit will be forged from them.

For the Sour and Alkali Salt Gives the fat to every soup.

This is proved by the volatile realm of the animals.
Not volatile, not fixed, note well.

The~Vegetab1e Hermaphrodite also shows Of what it is forged.

The fixed ores and stones give evidence
That they are proper (or: belong) to Niter and Salt.
Fire and Air, Water and Earth,
Desire of it the active part.
When now the noble world—seed has been made fixed.

Steam and water have also been brought to earth,
Then is made, and also accomplished
That which all the world esteems most highly.
Fixed must the volatile become,
Out of water and steam turn to earth.
And when it becomes a red dry blood,
It is the world’s treasure and highest good.

A perfect perfection
Which drives away all poverty and disease.

— Golden Chain Of Homer


The Double Volatile and Fixed Abyss

This one is from the preface of very esoteric text from alchemical tradition.

One abyss (deep) calls Forth another.
Together they Form a hard bouquet.
The volatile must become quite fixed,
Steam and water must turn into earth.

Heaven itself must be earthly,
Or else no life will enter the earth.
The highest must become the lowest,
The Lowest again the Highest.
The fixed must become quite volatile,
Water and steam must be the earth.
The Earth must fly high up to Heaven,
Heaven must creep into the center of the Earth.
Thus, Heaven and Earth must become reversed,
If the lowest is to become the highest.

The volatile Dragon kills the fixed,
The fixed forces the volatile into Death.
Thus must stand revealed,
The quintessence and what it can do.

— Golden Chain of Homer