Holy waters


“When the blessed Holy One adorns Himself in His crowns, He crowns Himself above and below. Above, from the site of deepest of all ; below, with what? With souls of the righteous. Then vitality is lavished above and below, embracing the site of the sanctuary on all sides. The cistern is filled, the ocean consummated, providing for all.

“It is written: Drink water from your cistern, flowing water from your well. Why first your cistern, then your well? A cistern is empty, unflowing, while a well bubbles with water. Yet all is one site. The site embracing the poor is called cistern, possessing nothing of its own, only what is deposited there. Who is that? ד (Dalet). Subsequently it becomes a well, filled from all directions. Who is that? ה (He), filled from above, bubbling from below. Filled from above, as we have explained; bubbling from below, from souls of righteous. [..]

“Desire of the female toward the male arouses only when a spirit enters her and she gushes water toward upper, masculine waters. Similarly Assembly of Israel arouses desire toward the blessed Holy One only by the spirit of the righteous entering Her. Then waters flow from within Her toward waters of the male, all becoming one desire, one cluster, one nexus. Rapture, total rapture! An amble ambled by the blessed Holy One with souls of the righteous.”

— Zohar, Noah 1:160a-b


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