Greatest lie

The greatest lie ever told to the human race is that we are nothing more than the descendants of monkeys. While there may or may not be any truth to Darwin’s unproven theories of evolution, it really does not matter. For whether our bodies evolved from monkeys or created from the dust of the earth by G-d, either way we humans possess something that Darwin and later scientists cannot understand. We human beings have a soul.

When we humans are looked at as being no more than a very complicated machine, then the entire element that makes us human is overlooked. Not everything is controlled by genetics and brain chemistry. Although these two forces have successfully been manipulated by science, they are far from being under control. Indeed, science will never be able to control anything that comes from the mind/soul, simply because this ethereal aspect of our being is not subject to scientific rules. [..]

Dwelling deep within us, often buried, often repressed, but never dead, is that which makes us truly human. It is our soul, the higher, thinking, psychic element within us that knows what is best for us and how we are best to live our lives. This and this alone separates us from the animal kingdom. It is this “other-worldly” nebulous non-physical mind/soul that makes our physical selves truly human. It is a crime against humanity to try to convince any human being that he is anything less than a lofty soul created in the Image of G-d.

— rav Ariel Bar Tzadok, “Of Angels and Man”


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