True love-making


Loving is essentially the activity of feeling the soul of another in a bodily way and receiving it into our own soul. It is the capacity to feel, receive and embrace the body of the other, not just with our physical body but with and within the entire field of our feeling awareness, our soul body. If ‘loving’ is the deepening of our bodily feeling awareness of another, then ‘love-making’ means making our soul bodies open to being filled by that awareness – by the soul of the other – or intending to open and fill the body of the other with our awareness, our soul. ‘True’ love and love-making are impossible without the capacity to feel our own body as a whole as a sense organ of our soul, an organ with which we can see and feel the body of the other as a sensory image of their soul in all its aspects.

Both ordinary and scientific notions of love and love-making however, see it as something based purely on physical attraction and expressed though purely physical contact with the body of the beloved. The ordinary understanding of sexual attraction, contact and intercourse is entirely focused on the physical body of the other – their outwardly seen and outwardly felt body. There is no place in this understanding of sex for the soul – for the soul is our own inwardly felt body and the inwardly felt body of the other. The inwardly felt body is not simply the physical body as felt from within. On the contrary, the physical body is but the outwardly perceived form of the inwardly felt body – the soul body or awareness body.

Though in the physical sex act there may be penetration of the fleshly inwardness of one’s partner’s body, this purely phallic and physical penetration does not by itself reach into their soul body. Ordinary sex is limited to the physical body – the outwardly seen and felt body. Soul body sex starts from the inwardly felt body or ‘soul body’. It is the experience of our own soul body filling or being filled by a sensual flow of awareness – something that requires no physical sex organs, male or female.

Peter Wilberg “Tantra Reborn”