The Mission of Masters

All Prophets are bringing streams of love, but mostly people are running away from them. It is the same story today: that people are running away from Masters, running away from lovestreams. They are running after miserable lives. Everything around you can give you a temporary love, but it will end quickly and leave you like dry wood.

So the mission of all holy people, of all Masters of sufi heavenly ways, is to give lovestreams to anyone who asks for it.

If a person eats something salty, he will want to drink water. He will be a lover of water. If someone lives in a desert, he will ask for water to drink. If he goes to sleep, he will dream about water. He will run from one spring to the next to drink.

Heart shaped tree during fall

If we feel Divine Love within ourselves, we will reach the stream of love and He will make you drink from His Divine Presence. Your life will be the sweetest life. Nothing from the miseries of people will touch you or take away the enjoyment and pleasure in which you will be. Nothing will take you away from your sweet world. This is a bitter world. Only the love of heavens: eternal life and love will give you a sweet private world without any partner, a world full of enjoyment, a beautiful world in which nothing can harm you.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim


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