Sweetness of Love

What is the way to make the life of mankind sweet?

Sweetness comes from love. The more love you use in your life, the sweeter it will be. If you don’t use it, your life will be tough and rough. Tough means tasteless and difficult. It will be like wood and have no taste. Someone who never tastes love is like dried wood.

When love comes to natursun-flower-238850_960_720e, nature turns green and gets its colors. Love goes through flowers, it goes through fruits. When love reaches them in springtime, they start to laugh. So when they take love, they give love. That is why mankind runs to the greeneries of nature, to look and to smell it. Nature gives mankind love and mankind gives nature love. They take this love from their Creator. He gives His Divine Love to nature and nature gives it to you and you love to get it.

You are the most important creature. You must respect Divine Love more than any other creature. You must give love to your surroundings. Everything around you is asking for your love. Mankind is the most important representative of Heavenly Love. You must be fountains of love, or springs of love, or tops of love, or rivers of love, or seas of love, or oceans of love.

Can a person be an ocean of love? Why not?

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim


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