The Mission of Masters

All Prophets are bringing streams of love, but mostly people are running away from them. It is the same story today: that people are running away from Masters, running away from lovestreams. They are running after miserable lives. Everything around you can give you a temporary love, but it will end quickly and leave you like dry wood.

So the mission of all holy people, of all Masters of sufi heavenly ways, is to give lovestreams to anyone who asks for it.

If a person eats something salty, he will want to drink water. He will be a lover of water. If someone lives in a desert, he will ask for water to drink. If he goes to sleep, he will dream about water. He will run from one spring to the next to drink.

Heart shaped tree during fall

If we feel Divine Love within ourselves, we will reach the stream of love and He will make you drink from His Divine Presence. Your life will be the sweetest life. Nothing from the miseries of people will touch you or take away the enjoyment and pleasure in which you will be. Nothing will take you away from your sweet world. This is a bitter world. Only the love of heavens: eternal life and love will give you a sweet private world without any partner, a world full of enjoyment, a beautiful world in which nothing can harm you.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim


Sweetness of Love p.2

You may be fed up when you eat a bottle of honey.

You will say, “I’m fed up with honey.”

If I say to you, “Eat one more bottle!”, you might be able to eat it.

But if I say “Eat a third one!”, it will be tasteless.

That is not the kind of love that we are asking for, the kind of which when you taste it a second or a third time its taste will decrease. We are asking for a love which when you drink from its stream you will ask for more and more and more. That makes your life sweet.

A holy man said to the Sultan of Holiness:

“I drank a cup of Divine Love and I lost myself. Nothing else has a taste for me anymore. I’m drunk with the taste of love for God and the taste is never ending in me.”

So the Sultan of Holiness, Abu Yazid al Bistami, The King of Saints, heard this and said,

“I’m also drinking, but I’m never getting enough. I’m asking for more and more and more… I’m never satisfied and I’m in endless sweetness and refreshness of the lovestreams. It gives me more refreshment and my body is getting younger and more fresh and more alive. I’m not getting older, but younger. I’m not approaching death, I refuse to die. My body does not acept death. death is escaping from me. Death runas after pepole who have not tasted the reallove the Lord Almighty. We, who have tasted and reached the lovestreams, never die.”

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim


Sweetness of Love

What is the way to make the life of mankind sweet?

Sweetness comes from love. The more love you use in your life, the sweeter it will be. If you don’t use it, your life will be tough and rough. Tough means tasteless and difficult. It will be like wood and have no taste. Someone who never tastes love is like dried wood.

When love comes to natursun-flower-238850_960_720e, nature turns green and gets its colors. Love goes through flowers, it goes through fruits. When love reaches them in springtime, they start to laugh. So when they take love, they give love. That is why mankind runs to the greeneries of nature, to look and to smell it. Nature gives mankind love and mankind gives nature love. They take this love from their Creator. He gives His Divine Love to nature and nature gives it to you and you love to get it.

You are the most important creature. You must respect Divine Love more than any other creature. You must give love to your surroundings. Everything around you is asking for your love. Mankind is the most important representative of Heavenly Love. You must be fountains of love, or springs of love, or tops of love, or rivers of love, or seas of love, or oceans of love.

Can a person be an ocean of love? Why not?

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim


Life is not difficult


Life is not difficult.

Only you must know what you do.

Never seek a support elsewhere than in the Divine.

Never seek a satisfaction elsewhere than in the Divine.

Never seek satisfaction of your needs in any one else than in the Divine – Never. For nothing whatever.

Whatever your needs they can be satisfied by the Divine alone.

Whatever your weakness they can be borne and cured only by the Divine.

He alone is able to give you what you need ever and always;

And if you try to find any satisfaction or hold or support or a joy or …………………..whatever it is, in anyone else, you will always fall on your nose one day and that always hurts, sometimes hurts very much.